Thursday, 3 July 2014

Free Information Sessions 24th & 31st July 2014

 Dr. Shirley Rigoni – Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Naturally Not Pregnant
- Contraception for every woman -

Learn how to achieve contraception naturally!

     No pills!
     Nothing implanted in your arm!
     Nothing placed inside your cervix!
     No synthetic hormones at all!

Studies show that contraception using the Sympto-thermal Method is between 97% and 99.8% effective. This is just as effective as “the pill” and more effective than condoms alone!

Thursday 24th July
7 – 8:30pm
Viewing of:
The Moon Inside You – Part 1
We will discuss:
·    Why it is so important for every woman to be connected with her menstrual cycle
·    Introduction to the basics of natural contraceptive management
·    What the Pill and all those synthetic hormones are doing to your body and how to safely come off it.
Thursday 31st July
7- 8:30pm
Viewing of:
The Moon Inside You – Part 2
We will discuss:
·    How to start charting your menstrual cycle
·    How to read your cervical mucus changes and how to tell when your fertile window opens.
·    How to record your BBT to ascertain when your fertile window closes.

To register for these FREE information sessions PH: 9662 1311 or email with your name, number and email address.

Melbourne Natural Wellness
Level 4, 178 Collins St. Melbourne

A little bit about…
The Moon Inside You


Like many other women, Diana has been suffering from problematic periods for years. With every new cycle, the same question arises; “Why there pain and annoyance if I am healthy?”
Her initial innocent curiosity sparks off an emotional voyage to the very roots of femininity and life.

The Moon Inside You is a fresh look at a taboo that defines the political and social reality of both women and men in a more profound way than society might be willing to admit. Facing menstrual etiquette with doses of humour and self-irony, the documentary approaches the subject through both personal and collective references, thus challenging our preconceived idea of what it means to be a woman.

The Moon Inside You is a short movie that will be shown in two parts during the Naturally Not Pregnant Free Information sessions. Don’t miss out on this innovative and heart warming film!

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